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I am originally from Bangor, Maine. I lived there nearly all my life, until I joined the US Air Force. My last assignment in the military was at Keesler AFB on the Mississippi gulf coast.  After retirement, I stayed in the area and worked as a contractor.  I lived in Ocean Springs, Mississippi for nearly 20 years. As you may remember, Hurricane Katrina hit the area very hard.  The quality of life took a severe nose dive, so I pulled up stakes and moved back to Maine.  Unfortunately, Maine is not exactly a high tech region.  Not many computer jobs here, so I am working in any job that will have me. 

I got my private pilot's license back in 1995. I learned from an excellent instructor who didn't let me get away with much. She pushed me so hard that I aced the written exam.

I have not completed my instrument rating, yet. I started on it several years ago. Once again I aced the written test. I did a lot of "on-again off-again" training. The school I was attending closed and my instructor moved. I took a break. I had to drop the next instructor because I didn't feel comfortable with him. I took another break. I started with another instructor and he changed jobs.

By now, my written test has expired and I have taken so many breaks that I need to start over. Now that I don't make much money, I just can't afford to get back into it.  Someday!

One of the ways I keep the knowledge of the instrument rating fresh is to develop these lessons. I learn a lot when I am researching a particular subject. I just hope they are as useful to some of you as they are to me.

I use to fly a Cessna 172 out of Ocean Springs airport (5R2). Flying on the gulf coast is quite nice. The only problem is the frequent pop-up thuderstorms. You can count on them just about every afternoon. That's one thing even an instrument rating will not help in a small GA plane.

I concider myself a professional instructor. I have professionally taught subjects ranging from computer programming to CPR to dog obedience. I enjoy teaching. There is real joy in giving knowledge to others. That is one of the reasons I started this site. The other reason is to help me understand and remember these concepts.

With that said, let me reiterate the fact that I AM NOT a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). I am just another private pilot.  These pages are to be used WITH your CFI, not in place of the CFI. Please read the warning.




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