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Pilot's Calculator

All the calculations a pilot needs at your fingertips

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Did you ever need to convert from one unit to another but couldn't remember the formula?  Do you remember the steps required to calculate your current density altitude?  If you a told to enter a holding pattern, do you remember the recommended entry type?  This one app will do these calculations and more.

Main screen with nothing set
Main menu
Enter user info
Convert from statute to nautical miles or nautical to statute.
Select a contact
Convert from celsius to fahrenheit or visa versa.

Select ringtones
Calculate your time enroute based on the information you have.
Set times
Find the crosswind component for your approach.
Calculate your density altitude to ensure a safe take-off.
Need help entering a holding pattern?
It is a good idea to listen to the morse code broadcast to ensure you have tuned to the correct frequency.  Enter the identifier to see and hear the correct morse code.