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Do you live alone? Ever wonder how long it would take for someone to find you if you became incapacitated? Are you too fit and young to need a button hanging around your neck incase you fall and can't get up? Do you dislike the idea of asking someone to check in on you every day? Do you have a loved one who lives alone and you can't check on them every day?

For me, I worried about my dog if I died or became incapacitated. How long would he have to go without food, water, and a potty break? My dog depends on me just like a child. I didn't want to let him down.

With the I'm Okay app, your phone will check on you every day and notify someone if it detects a problem. Each day at a time that you specify, your phone will ask if you are okay. Simply tap "Yes" and you're done. If you don't respond, ImOkay will send a text message to a friend or family.

Main screen with nothing set
It's simple to use. Set everything up once and the app will take care of the rest.
Enter user info
Step 1
: Enter user information.

Your name and sex will be used to form on-screen messages and text messages.
Select a contact
Step 2
: Select a mobile phone number to be your contact.

Text messages will be sent to this contact if the app thinks you may be in trouble.

After selecting a contact, tap "Test". A text message will be sent to the contact. Make sure they receive the message.

Select ringtones
Step 3
: Specify ringtones.

Select a ringtone for the initial contact attempt. This is the sound to be played when the app attempts a check-in.

Select another ringtone for the second attempt. This sound plays if the you do not respond to the initial check-in. This sound plays because you didn't respond to the first sound, so select a sould that will definitely get your attention.

NOTE: Sounds will play even if the phone is muted.
Set times
Step 4
: Specify check-in time(s).

At the specified time(s), your phone will ask if you are okay.

The app can check-in on you once or twice a day. Placing a check in "Check twice a day" to specify a second check-in time. This feature gives you a morning and evening check-in.

NOTE: Android System battery saving features may cause the check-in to occasionally be delayed a few minutes.

Step 3
: Enable the app.

At the specified check-in time, the app plays the initial contact ringtone and asks if the user is okay.

Tap "Yes" and the app go away until the next check-in time.

Tap "No" and the app will send a text message to the contact, asking them to check on you.

Do nothing and, after 10 minutes, the app will send a text message stating that you have missed a check-in. If the user does not respond for an hour, the no contact alarm will sound. After another 10 minutes, the app will send a text message asking the contact to check on you.