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The Pilot Tutor lessons are categorized into different areas of piloting knowledge. Each category is related to specific areas of aviation skill.

  • The General category includes lessons on Airspace, Density Altitude, and Airport Lighting.
  • The In-Flight category explains concepts such as Lift, Wind Correction, and Wake Turbulence.
  • The Aircraft category covers areas including the Pilot-Static System and Left Turning Tendencies.
  • The Weather category includes lessons such as Clouds, PiReps, and Coriolis Effect.
  • The VFR demystifies the Magnetic Compass and Traffic Patterns.
  • The IFR category provides a simple way to learn Morse Code and master the DME Arc.


1.  Start the tutor

Click on "START THE TUTOR" in the menu on the top left of this page.  This will open the Pilot Tutor in a new browser.  If you do not have the correct version of the Flash player, you will be directed to install it.

2.  Select a category

Move your cursor over any category at the top of the screen.  A lessons menu will be displayed. Each category contains several lessons.

3.  Select a lesson

Within each category there are a number of lessons. The lessons are shown as buttons in the lessons menu. Click a button to start the associated lesson.

4.  Watch the animations and read the information

Text will appear on the left side of the screen. This text explains the concepts and what you are seeing in the animations.

The animations will repeat continuously. The same wake turbulance will come off the same aircraft for hours if you would like. Some animations, which you need to see from the beginning, will have a "Play" button.

Take your time and study both areas. Make sure you understand what the text says about lift and what is happening around the wing in the animation.

Click the "Next>>" button to move to the next screen of instruction.  If you need to go back to the previous screen, click the "<<Back " button.

You are bound to understand aviation and flight a little better. I know I do now.


Close a lesson (optional)

When you complete a lesson, it will close automatically. If you want to close a lesson before it is complete, do either of the following;

1. Select a different lesson

(This will close the current lesson and start the new lesson)

2. Close the browser window 


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