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Word Jumble

We provide the letters

You put them in order

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Our last earthquake was a big one.  It shook the books so hard that the letters got rearranged.  All we have are a bunch of piles of letters that make no sense.

We will give you the letters in no particular order.  We need you to figure out the order and spell the correct word.  We'll start with some easy words.  Prove yourself and the words will get harder.  How far can you go before your get three strikes?

Each word starts as a bunch of question marks.  You must solve other words to find the letter for the main word.

Touch a letter and solve the word to find a letter for the main word..
Here, W will be a letter in the main word.

After solving the secondary word, the new letter will appear on the main word.

Solve the puzzle for each word to get all the letters.

Then solve the main word.
The further you go, the harder the words.

What level can you reach?
If you really want to test yourself, turn off the hints.